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Expert Piano Tuning

Brian's Piano Service specializes in the expert tuning and repair of new and used pianos. We offer expert voicing, regulation, and key easing to bring out the best in your piano. With thirty years of experience in the piano tuning and repair field, we have the knowledge and skills to bring out the best sound and touch in every type of piano. We expertly repair sticky keys, broken strings, squeaky pedals, missing key tops and perform many more common repairs. While we tune by ear primarily, a skill that is rare these days, we also incorporate advanced technology of state of the art software from Reyburn Cybertuner.  We can test your piano for a specialized tuning just for your piano and we can customize tunings for your individual piano and save the information on the computer for the next time to ensure a consistent tuning and sound. The software has hundreds of preset piano tunings for specific makes and models of pianos. If your piano hasn't been tuned regularly or for many years, the computer also has a special program just for this problem. We are located in the heart of Silicon Valley and are available at your convenience, mornings, afternoons or evenings and even weekends.